SPECIALS & Trade Deals

Available Trade-up Program

Audiophonia HiFi accepts original-owner, lightly used components, purchased directly from us. These items may qualify for trade-in credit towards purchase of the next model up in the product line.

This page is your best source for trade-in items and components from audiophonia. Some of these components may also be posted at popular audio websites for the purpose of awareness.

Occasionally demonstration and open-box products may also be available. These items are sold with full warranty and support, as if they were new. Also, all products taken in as part of the trade-up program, are sold with an additional limited-time warranty.

  • All sales are final for items listed on this page
  • Local pickup is preferred, but shipping is may be available at an additional cost, unless noted
  • Puerto Rico IVU is additional, if applicable

> If you are interested in any of these products, please CONTACT US

(1) Demo DeVore Orangutan ’93. Very clean condition. Full warranty. (Org. $8750) Sale $5450


(1) Demo Line Magnetic LM-24 CD. Demo unit in mint condition. Full 1-year warranty (Org. $2199) Sale $1550


(1) Demo Leben CS600. Very low hours. 10/10. 1-Year warranty (Org. $6495) Sale $4250


  • (1) Demo Line Magnetic LM-34IA. Superb condition, w/ box and remote. (Org. $1999) Sale $1450


  • (1) Klyne LX 3.5 preamplifier with the famed Klyne phono stage and external power supply. A true classic in beautiful condition. $2295 SOLD


  • (1) pr. Open Box DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 88. Perfect condition. (Orig. $5800) Sale $4640 SOLD