Why audiophonia

Picking the right audio equipment should be a fun and rewarding process, but in some cases, it could turn into a very confusing, time consuming and expensive experience.  The search for perfect musical reproduction may resemble a never-ending merry-go-round; as soon as you think you reached your goal, the next one shows up, then the next, and the next… 

At audiophonia my goal is to work together with you in finding the right audio system, only when everything fits together in harmony, can we reach the ultimate goal of emotionally connecting music and listener.

Once you reach that level you start to enjoy the music and forget about “the next”. 

During the following series of posts I’d like to go over various world-class audio systems we can put together for you. 

But first, why you should buy from audiophonia:

  • Demos are “by appointment only”, ideally done at your home, integrated in a real-world environment, with your every day furnishings. You want music to sound great in your own room, not at a highly tuned showroom. This is the best way to audition an audio system.
  • All our products are sold with full warranty, support and on-site setup.
  • Available Trade-up Program. Original-owner, lightly used components, purchased directly from audiophonia, may qualify for trade-in credit towards purchase of the next model up in the product line .
  • Warranty may be null and/or void if any of our brands are purchased from another dealer in the USA, imported from another country or from an unauthorized source. We encourage you to support your local dealer.

CONTACT Us anytime to inquire about our products, services and private demo.